Welcome to my contact page. Due to ever-increasing problems with spam, I have consolidated the contact information for all of my websites onto a single page and applied a spam filter to all emails. Here is how you can reach me:

Phone: 402-475-4433 (Central Time Zone)

Address: 2434 Ryons St., Lincoln, Nebraska 68502, USA

Email: robert@alexandertechnique.com Please make the entire subject heading of your email one of the following words/phrases: Alexander Technique, Movement Coaching, Ergonomics, Physical Therapy, Posture, Nebraska or Toronto.  Before you phone or send an email, please check the information below:

1. If you are writing with regard to one of my websites, please indicate which one in your message.

2. If you are writing about scheduling Alexander Technique lessons with me, please indicate whether you are in Lincoln or Toronto.

3. If you want information about training to become a teacher of the Alexander Technique, please go to: Alexander Technique Teacher Training

4. If you want information about specific applications or aspects of the Alexander Technique, I suggest first using the search box below – which scans several key Alexander websites – by entering key words or phrases:


Thanks for your help!

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