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If you do any shopping at Amazon, please bookmark this page and use one of the links below to go to the Amazon homepage for your country.  Commissions from your purchases are crucial for the support of my Alexander Technique websites! Click here to see other ways you can help for the most part at absolutely no cost to you!

The maintenance of my Alexander Technique sites takes a fair amount of time and money. Commissions from your Amazon purchases are the main source of financial support for the websites listed at the bottom of this page. Supporting these websites costs you nothing – but it is dependent on your using the actual links on this page, or the individual item links on one of my other pages. I won’t get any credit if you do not come to Amazon from one of my pages.  Copying and pasting the Amazon link into your browser will not work.

So, to ensure your purchases will generate revenue for my sites, bookmark the page you are on right now – perhaps labeling it “Amazon” on your list of bookmarked links – and then use the appropriate link below whenever you make Amazon purchases.  It is a 2-step process, but that extra step makes all the difference. Thank you!

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Here is a short podcast interview about what your support can help accomplish:


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Here’s how:

1. Locate the icon of an arrow jumping out of a box. This icon is at the top or bottom of the screen. When you tap it you will be given a choice of actions that you can do with the web page showing on the screen. The choices include: e-mailing it, sending it as a message, posting it to Twitter, posting it to Facebook, adding it to home screen, printing it, copying it, bookmarking it, adding to reading list).

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For an Android phone running Jelly Bean the process is very similar:

1. Swipe from either right or left side to find bookmark icon.

2. Choose the star icon.

3. Then choose “Add to Home Screen”


In addition to commissions earned from Amazon purchases, there are four other ways – website hosting, back ups for your computer files, sponsored links, and liability insurance for massage therapists and Alexander Technique teachers and others – which you can use help support the Alexander Technique websites listed at the bottom of this page:

Websites for Alexander Technique Teachers
If you are an Alexander Technique teacher you can quickly and easily have your own customized and professionally-designed website for very little money – absolutely no technical expertise needed! For the design of your website, I recommend Imogen Ragone, an Alexander Technique teacher and website designer. For hosting (that is making your website available for viewing on the web) please consider Alexander Technique Website Hosting, a service designed primarily for the Alexander Technique teaching community. If you host your site with me, you help support my Alexander Technique websites and you get technical help not easily available elsewhere. You can also have a free MP3 interview for your site if you host with me.

Protecting your Computer from Data Loss
A computer hard drive crash can present a host of serious problems. Just imagine the consequences of losing all you files, photos etc. An external hard-drive backup is a good first step, but will not help if there is a fire or theft or, as can happen where I live, a tornado strikes your home. For about a dollar a week, you can back up all your files in a safe, secure location – in the “cloud” as computer folks like to call it. I did quite a bit of research before choosing a company to back-up my own computer data – which includes a huge number of audio and video files – and settled upon Carbonite. It has a well-deserves reputation for reliability and ease of use. The short video on their site explains the features of their service very nicely. If you send me an email from my Contact Page, I’ll have Carbonite send you an email that offers you a free 15-day trial and a free extra month of service, equivalent to about a 10% savings. If you purchase their service, I will receive an extension of my own service which helps support my websites.

Sponsored links
I occasionally put a sponsored link (a link for which I receive compensation) on a website to help defray the cost – in time and money – needed to keep my websites running and up to date.  Most often these are links to to companies in fields like travel, office supplies, insurance etc.  As with all the links on all my sites, they are links, not recommendations.  If you’d like to place a sponsored link on one of my websites, contact me using the link at the top of this page.

Liability Insurance
If you are an Alexander Technique teacher, (or a massage therapist or other type of bodyworker), and are looking for liability insurance, I highly recommend the Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals. You can get information from their website, or via Email, or by phoning 1-800-458-2267. They are friendly, efficient and offer discounts for AT teachers who are members of ATI. If you indicate you were referred by me (Robert Rickover, Membership ID 140075), I receive a discount on my own policy, which helps pay for this website.

You can also make a contribution via PayPal or your credit card to help defray the costs of creating and maintaining my Alexander Technique websites:

Your support is greatly appreciated

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