by Imogen Ragone

“One to one lessons in the Alexander technique…have
long term benefits for patients with chronic back pain.”

– British Medical Journal, 19 August, 2008*

This was one of the basic conclusions of a study conducted in the UK, and published by the British Medical Journal, and something many Alexander Technique teachers and students have known for a long time.

This video was made to accompany the trial, and does a good job of describing the Alexander Technique and how the study was conducted, as well as explaining how it’s used to help people with back pain:

You can get full details of the study, which was a randomized controlled trial of Alexander Technique lessons, exercise and massage for chronic and recurrent back pain, at the British Medical Journal’s website.

Alexander Technique for neck and back pain reliefI’m very excited that now a new study (again in the UK) is being done to look at the effectiveness of Alexander Technique lessons (and acupuncture) for relieving neck pain. I can’t wait to see the results. Chronic neck pain was the reason I started having Alexander Technique lessons in the first place, and learning the Technique completely turned things around for me.

Even though I know the Alexander Technique worked for me (and then some!), and have seen it help many other people, I think it is really useful to have the backing of properly conducted, large-scale studies like these.


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